Apple tvOS: How to watch

 If you're prompted to subscribe when you already have an active ESPN+ subscription, you might need to relink you subscription to your ESPN+ account.

Follow the steps below to link your account.

  1. Start the ESPN app on your Apple TV. 
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Subscriptions.
  4. Select Subscribe
  5. Select Log In
  6. Note down the activation code and go to on your computer or mobile browser. 
  7. On your browser, enter the activation code and select Continue.
  8. Login to your existing ESPN account or create a new one. 
  9. Your subscription will be now linked to your Apple TV device, and your account will be available to use on any other supported device.


Signed up for ESPN+ on your phone and still having trouble streaming on your TV? Watch this video for help: